Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lab 5 at St Mary's!

This week's experience at St. Mary's was fun, exciting, and unique to all the other weeks.  The theme was thanksgiving and it resonated throughout the gym.  Our initial activity was very well esecuted by my collegues, especially considuring that the number of students was almost double than we usually have.  They adapted well, the kids enjoyed the game, and we were able to assess their motor skills affectivly. 

Unlike the previous weeks today our group worked on special projects.  So, we were in charge of interviewing the teacher candidates and students on their experiences in order to create an articile for the Newsletter.  It was interesting to hear the different opinions and perspectives on our contribution to the afterschool program.  Since we are coming to an end we also began posting our collages on the doors of the gymnasium to show our thanks to the school for allowing us to be there.  Overall I have come to realize that St. Mary's has contributed greatly to me as a future teacher, and I will definately use my gained knowledge for the good of promoting physically active children in the years to come.  Click here to view my Lab 5.

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