Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lab 3 at St Mary's!

Lab 3 was a great improvement from are previous week; I believe our entire group did a great job.  The students were very enthusisastic and exctited about playing our games and activities.  We each took terms teaching our activity to the children and they stayed attentive and interative throughout.  I hope from now on we can continue to grab their attentition and connect like we were able to.  Check out my lab for methods I used to catch the attention of the students and more by clicking here!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lesson plan for Lab 3: Cars

Playing Field: Half a basketball court
Beginning Formation: Children scattered about but standing on one of the gym floor lines
1.       Designate the outside Border as the freeway.  Here students may go fast (run)
2.       Designate the inside lines as the town.  Here students have a speed limit.  They must walk
3.       Allow the students to drive on any of the roads (lines) of their choice.  They can decide when to head onto the freeway (and run) or take a rest and go through the town.
4.       The Traffic Cop (instructor) should yell out various signals that each student driver must be aware of and obey.
5.       The Signals:
Icy Roads – slide
Road Work Ahead – leap
Speed Bump - Horizontal  jump
Windshield Wipers – Jumping Jacks
Stuck in the Mud – Jog in place
Flat tire – Hopping on either foot
Detour – Change directions while moving
Traffic Jam – freeze
Emergency – Everyone stops and faces the traffic cop.
6.       Instructors can pull over reckless drivers and issue tickets.  Even revoke their license if necessary and they will sit out.