Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Final Lab at St. Mary's

Our last day at St. Mary's was exciting as always, but extra special because it gave us all the chance to reflect on the good memories and the learning experience throughout our journey.  Our group worked up posting up the collages on the doors of the entrance and decorating the wall before we leave.  The theme was Christmas and our group was also in charge of the final activity, song, and dance.  I was handling the game, overall it was alright, but it was not satisfied.  It is much harder to grasp the attention of the children towards the end of the day, especially when they are set and ready to go home.  Also what made it extra difficult was the variation in ages from KG all the way to 4th grade.  So I decided to make a simple christmas game that would appeal to all and be easy to interact and be physical.  I split the groups into the three groups with a different name (related to christmas) and I chose 2 elves to be in the center.  I was santa claus,  so whenever I called the specific group they would have to run across without getting tagged.  If they were tagged by the elves than they would become apart of the north pole and help tag others.  I thought the game would work, but again I realized that their attention span was very low and the older kids were not to interested to play.  I kept on going and modified the game somewhat by adding that if I say Merry Christmas, everyone has to run across.  This way more kids would be involved at once.  The game was not the best, but I have learned from this experience and know where to improve.  Overall, St Mary's has been not so easy, but a great way for us students to jump into the reality of our majors and our future lives and this experience has been a great way of learning and an excellent eye opener.  Thank you St. Mary's! Click here to view my Lab 6

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lab 5 at St Mary's!

This week's experience at St. Mary's was fun, exciting, and unique to all the other weeks.  The theme was thanksgiving and it resonated throughout the gym.  Our initial activity was very well esecuted by my collegues, especially considuring that the number of students was almost double than we usually have.  They adapted well, the kids enjoyed the game, and we were able to assess their motor skills affectivly. 

Unlike the previous weeks today our group worked on special projects.  So, we were in charge of interviewing the teacher candidates and students on their experiences in order to create an articile for the Newsletter.  It was interesting to hear the different opinions and perspectives on our contribution to the afterschool program.  Since we are coming to an end we also began posting our collages on the doors of the gymnasium to show our thanks to the school for allowing us to be there.  Overall I have come to realize that St. Mary's has contributed greatly to me as a future teacher, and I will definately use my gained knowledge for the good of promoting physically active children in the years to come.  Click here to view my Lab 5.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lab 4 at St. Mary's!

Another great experience at St Mary's this week.  Halloween was a fun and exciting experience for the kids and most important was a great tool for us to connect.  Kids really responded to our costumes and had alot of positive energy!  During outside activities kids really worked their bodies and got a sweat, along with us ofcoarse! We created a cowboy scenario, and made a problem solving experience for them to find the hand cuffs.  Finally towards the end all the teacher candidates were constantly being chased by the children in a very fun and friendly matter.  Once we moved indoors it gave us the oppurtunity to test their skills for this weeks lab.  The game was not as exciting as it should have been, alot of the children lost interest very fast.  The reason being was that it did not allow alot of participation.  Alot of them were waiting to play, to solve this I modified the game and added more balls to throw and catch.  This increased the childrens interest and participation and allowed us to analyse there skills affectivly.  Click here to check out Lab 4. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lab 3 at St Mary's!

Lab 3 was a great improvement from are previous week; I believe our entire group did a great job.  The students were very enthusisastic and exctited about playing our games and activities.  We each took terms teaching our activity to the children and they stayed attentive and interative throughout.  I hope from now on we can continue to grab their attentition and connect like we were able to.  Check out my lab for methods I used to catch the attention of the students and more by clicking here!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lesson plan for Lab 3: Cars

Playing Field: Half a basketball court
Beginning Formation: Children scattered about but standing on one of the gym floor lines
1.       Designate the outside Border as the freeway.  Here students may go fast (run)
2.       Designate the inside lines as the town.  Here students have a speed limit.  They must walk
3.       Allow the students to drive on any of the roads (lines) of their choice.  They can decide when to head onto the freeway (and run) or take a rest and go through the town.
4.       The Traffic Cop (instructor) should yell out various signals that each student driver must be aware of and obey.
5.       The Signals:
Icy Roads – slide
Road Work Ahead – leap
Speed Bump - Horizontal  jump
Windshield Wipers – Jumping Jacks
Stuck in the Mud – Jog in place
Flat tire – Hopping on either foot
Detour – Change directions while moving
Traffic Jam – freeze
Emergency – Everyone stops and faces the traffic cop.
6.       Instructors can pull over reckless drivers and issue tickets.  Even revoke their license if necessary and they will sit out.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Blogging Experience

I am a first time blogger, but I  feel like I am learning fast and it already seems like a great, fun, and efficient way to connect and learn from the people I need to!  great teaching method!

Sumarizing Fundemental Skill Development and Assessment

PictureIn reference to the text, fundamental movement skill is divided into three categories (stability, locomotor, or manipulative) and is an organized series of basic movements that involve the combinations of movement patterns with two or more body segments.  Examples of these skills would be jumping and throwing, running and rolling, and twisting and turning.  
“Children who have mastered these skills [fundamental movement skills] are ready to begin the exciting process of developing specialized skills and applying them to a wide variety of game, sport, dance, and recreational activities for a lifetime of vigorous movement.”  According to a journal entry on AAHPERD titled Top 10 Reasons for Quality Physical Education fundamental movement skills and proper assessment by teachers is important because they are associated directly with higher levels of physical activities.  Meaning that if a child is taught at a young age these fundamentals, than he/she will most likely live a physical-activity-oriented lifestyle.  The benefits of this is endless:  regular physical activity promotes lifetime wellness, helps prevent disease, helps fight obesity, teaches self-management, and much more…