Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lab 4 at St. Mary's!

Another great experience at St Mary's this week.  Halloween was a fun and exciting experience for the kids and most important was a great tool for us to connect.  Kids really responded to our costumes and had alot of positive energy!  During outside activities kids really worked their bodies and got a sweat, along with us ofcoarse! We created a cowboy scenario, and made a problem solving experience for them to find the hand cuffs.  Finally towards the end all the teacher candidates were constantly being chased by the children in a very fun and friendly matter.  Once we moved indoors it gave us the oppurtunity to test their skills for this weeks lab.  The game was not as exciting as it should have been, alot of the children lost interest very fast.  The reason being was that it did not allow alot of participation.  Alot of them were waiting to play, to solve this I modified the game and added more balls to throw and catch.  This increased the childrens interest and participation and allowed us to analyse there skills affectivly.  Click here to check out Lab 4.