Sunday, December 11, 2011

Final Lab at St. Mary's

Our last day at St. Mary's was exciting as always, but extra special because it gave us all the chance to reflect on the good memories and the learning experience throughout our journey.  Our group worked up posting up the collages on the doors of the entrance and decorating the wall before we leave.  The theme was Christmas and our group was also in charge of the final activity, song, and dance.  I was handling the game, overall it was alright, but it was not satisfied.  It is much harder to grasp the attention of the children towards the end of the day, especially when they are set and ready to go home.  Also what made it extra difficult was the variation in ages from KG all the way to 4th grade.  So I decided to make a simple christmas game that would appeal to all and be easy to interact and be physical.  I split the groups into the three groups with a different name (related to christmas) and I chose 2 elves to be in the center.  I was santa claus,  so whenever I called the specific group they would have to run across without getting tagged.  If they were tagged by the elves than they would become apart of the north pole and help tag others.  I thought the game would work, but again I realized that their attention span was very low and the older kids were not to interested to play.  I kept on going and modified the game somewhat by adding that if I say Merry Christmas, everyone has to run across.  This way more kids would be involved at once.  The game was not the best, but I have learned from this experience and know where to improve.  Overall, St Mary's has been not so easy, but a great way for us students to jump into the reality of our majors and our future lives and this experience has been a great way of learning and an excellent eye opener.  Thank you St. Mary's! Click here to view my Lab 6

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